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How to Create a Cozy Conversation Area

Creating a cozy area for conversation with friends and family is a simple way to add some design flare to your home while also serving a specific function. At Spruce It Up Interior Design we love creating conversation areas around a fireplace, and the steps below can inspire you to do the same.

Step 1: Add Swivel Accent Chairs

While any style of accent chair will work, we like to use swivel chairs because they allow you and your guests to physically rotate into the conversation and face one another. Since the majority of communication is nonverbal, how you are able to sit and talk is an important aspect to your cozy conversation area. Swivel chairs also provide the freedom to open up your space without moving furniture out of the way - this can be ideal for small spaces!

Charcoal fabric swivel accent chairs in front of a dark fireplace

Step 2: Add a Small Drink Table

Whether you’re into cocktails or mocktails, your conversation area needs a small-scale table to place a couple of beverages atop. Add a small piece of decor or decorative votive candle holder to create interest.

Small drink table with white marble top and brass ornate stem

Step 3: Add an Accent Rug

Adding an accent rug brings out the ‘cozy’ in your cozy conversation area and creates division between other areas in your space. We used a sheepskin in the example below that’s just large enough to fit between the swivel accent chairs. Depending on the size of the space you’re creating your conversation area in, you can also utilize a rug that would fit underneath the chairs, grounding all of the furniture pieces you’ve selected.

Small sheepskin rug in cream and gray colors

Step 4: Add Accessories and Turn On the Ambiance

A well decorated conversation area complete with warm lighting creates a cozy atmosphere that will be welcoming to guests. Consider incorporating tealights, candles, and using dimmable light bulbs in overhead lighting or floor lamps. Additionally, you can create a focal point by painting an accent wall and using a large, thought provoking piece of framed artwork centered above the accent chairs.

Drink table with brass votive candle holder and two champagne glasses on top in front of a lit fireplace

Step 5: Gather with Loved Ones and Enjoy

By thinking through the function of your conversation area and including beautiful furniture and decor, you’ll end up with a welcoming space to be enjoyed by all who enter your home.

Conversation area in front of fireplace

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