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Designing a Masculine Bedroom

When we were planning this space for our client, his design wish was to retreat to a bedroom that reflects masculine energy. To accomplish this design style we incorporated natural textures, wood furnishings with straight lines, and pops of metal among an earthy green and blue color palette.

The Color Scheme

It’s common to select darker tones for masculine spaces and we went with a dark earthy green for the accent wall behind the bed, a neutral greige for the remaining walls, and subdued blues for bedding and art. Pops of black, linen, and browns in furnishing and decor compliment the main color scheme for the room.

Designer Tip: When choosing paint colors, pick up swatches from your local paint or home improvement store and tape them to the wall to look at the colors throughout the day. Colors will look different from morning to night. Before making your final decision (and spending time and money to paint!) it’s important to love the color and ensure it works with the rest of your palette as the light changes in your space.

Choosing Furniture

In selecting a dresser and nightstands for this masculine bedroom, we focused on warm wood tones with clean, straight lines. Our favorite aspect was the built-in under lighting on the nightstands - this added just the right amount of ambiance to the space and is a unique feature that makes the room stand out. The headboard we chose compliments the wood furniture in a cognac faux worn-in-leather and the “wings” create a luxurious sleeping experience.

Nightstand with built-in under lighting

Designer Tip: When choosing a headboard consider the overall height of the headboard compared to height of the wall that your bed is positioned on. In taller rooms, don’t be afraid to select a headboard that is also taller!

Art and Decor

Our client was drawn to abstract art and chose a complimentary blue themed floating canvas art. The modern black lamps with linen shades draw on the pops of black in the artwork and a no-maintenance faux plant and candle provide optional ambiance. We also selected metal blinds with decorative tapes that allow this client to control light emittance in the room.

Designer Tip: When selecting blinds and window treatments, consider how you want to be able to control light. Metal and wood blinds have slats that can tilt to control how light enters the room. Whereas cellular shades, for instance, unless drawn up or down, only filter light through the fabric they are constructed from.

Looking for a masculine bedroom transformation in your own home? Contact Spruce It Up Interior Design to set up a 2-Hour Design Consultation.

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