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5 Reasons You Should Hire an Interior Designer

You might be wondering why Interior Design is important, or even useful for your unique space. Interior design is both an art and science that considers the human environment and your own life experience. In other words, your space can have all the right aesthetics while also being functional for your daily life habits and needs.

So how do you know if hiring an Interior Designer is the right move for you? Based on our experience at Spruce It Up Interior Design, here are 5 reasons why you should hire an Interior Designer.

Interior Designers are Creative Problem Solvers

Your Interior Designer should have the education and experience in space planning,

innovative design elements, and creating harmony between function and design. Interior Design is more than putting together pretty things, it's critically thinking about the ways in which you will use your space while also defining a mood that makes you feel comfortable.

Designer Tip: If your space lacks natural light consider hanging a mirror perpendicular or opposite of a window. The light from the window will be reflected in the mirror, expanding the light throughout the entire space.

Round gold mirror reflecting light from window

You Want Your Space to Reflect Your Taste

At Spruce It Up Interior Design, we love incorporating our clients' existing furnishings and decor. Maybe you have unique decor items from your travels that you want to incorporate. Or maybe you have family heirlooms that deserve a chance to shine. Hiring an Interior Designer brings in a fresh pair of eyes to thoughtfully combine the things that make you, you - while also bringing in new design elements when necessary.

Designer Tip: When displaying antiques or decor from your travels, create ample space and balance between each item to truly showcase their beauty.

Bronze leaf and cat decor on shelf

You and Your Partner Can't Agree on a Design Style

While your Interior Designer shouldn't replace couples therapy, they should have the ability to find commonalities between the unique tastes of you and your partner. This could be in the form of color, texture, or other materials.

Designer Tip: If your partner loves bold patterns but you prefer solids, consider using fabrics that have a tone-on-tone pattern. This softens the overall look of the pattern. Alternatively, consider a woven texture. This gives the illusion of a pattern.

Tone-on-tone fabric in a taupe pattern
Image adapted from

You Want to Avoid Costly Mistakes

Working with an Interior Designer allows you to fill your space with furnishings, fixtures, and other materials that are properly scaled for your space and can stand the test of time. We know that when you are redesigning your space the items you purchase are likely an investment, and you can't always avoid restocking fees.

Designer Tip: When purchasing large furnishings like a sectional, consider the quality of the fabric, the overall construction of the piece, and the size relative to your space. You can map out the size of furniture by taping off the dimensions on your floor. Also ask yourself if it will meet the needs of your personal use - Do you have pets? Kids? Do you entertain guests often?

Interior Designers Have Access to Unique Resources

Your Interior Designer should have a pulse on innovative, cutting edge furnishings, art, decor, lighting, and other design elements. They also have access to designer trade showrooms that may not sell to the public. This is a sure way to curate a space that reflects your personality and feature conversation-starting items.

Design elements featuring neutral colors and moody greens

Interested in discovering if the Spruce It Up Duo are the Interior Designers for you? Schedule a 2-Hour Design Consultation by clicking here.

*Limited to clients in the Northern Colorado or Denver Metro Area

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