It’s Your Space. Spruce It Up.

A Mother-Daughter Interior Design Duo Making Quality Design Accessible.

The Spruce It Up Vision

We're Dawn and Ali, the mother-daughter duo who proudly run Spruce It Up, LLC - a full service Interior Design business where we are passionate about providing creative solutions to fulfill your needs and vision.

Spruce It Up, LLC was founded by Dawn in 2002, a couple of years after our family moved to Colorado from Illinois. The vision was simple: provide interior design services that incorporate a person’s unique collection of accessories, furnishings, and meaningful pieces to make a space feel personal. While many times design means bringing in new, there is always room to spruce it up with your own belongings. 

We believe in making quality design accessible to everyone. We all deserve to live and work in a space that we are proud of without breaking the bank.


Happy Clients

“Everyone deserves to live in a space they love, and Spruce It Up regularly helps my family do just that. Dawn and Ali have always done a fantastic job listening to our needs and understanding our style to help us realize our home's potential.”

Trisha C.

“The dynamic duo of Dawn and Ali at Spruce It Up are top-notch designers. They listen to their clients and present thoughtful, original ideas while remaining budget-conscious.”

Dr. Carmen Beckwith

“What a blessing to find Dawn & Ali! With their suggestions, we are so happy with the way our home is coming together. They have 'saved' me from making decisions that would never have looked right and given the support needed to 'go for it'.”

Deb C.